I have spent the last decade creating value out of nothing. I have advised, consulted and implemented solutions for over 100+ clients in design and development.

I am a conceptualist and this is my story.

Founded Scarlet.

Started as a conceptualisation agency in 2012, Scarlet (then Binary Caves) has helped over 100+ SMEs in India conceptualise, implement and scale solutions to the masses. Be it a brand-awareness campaign for Australian Tourism or a zero-to-one project for brands like Cradle, Katharos, Suncity, GreenLineWorks – We have implemented them all. Over the years we have partnered with giants like Brandmela.

Founded Whoosh.

Packed with experience of creation, marketing, management – We launched an in-house brand of on-demand youth-apparel called Whoosh. The Indian market was saturated with limited designs owing to screen printing. Whoosh was an instant hit. It made over $100K revenue within the first 12 months.

Founded TheLabs.

It all started in a small cafe in Paris, when my friends and I were visiting a Summer School in the city. We realised that the concept of International Summer & Winter Schools in India wasn't a popular one. So we took it upon ourselves to make it available throughout the nation. We partnered with French Institutions as their channel partners. Under TheLabs, we recruited, nominated, and sent over 200+ students to Parisian Summer & Winter Schools, making TheLabs one of the few startups operating in Education Tourism Sector in India. TheLabs is current on hold due to COVID19.

Brand & Technology – Filfull

I am actively contributing as a Brand & Technology Advisor at Filfull. Filfull currently services India's top D2C clothing brands as a fulfillment partner. I oversee people in platform development, brand management and brand positioning.

Independent Experimentations.

As a product developer, I have a knack of creating something out of nothing. You can find some of my experimentations here.

Implementation of Jordon Singer's Lil Calculator

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Minimalist & Focused Bitcoin Price

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3D Pokeball with Spline

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Time Cost Tool

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Minimalist & Focused Ethereum Price

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