Compare the value of time across the world.

Money is a finite resource that acts as a tool between any two transactions. Time is the amount of conciousness you exchange in order to obtain anything. The true value of any thing shouldn't be measured in terms of a man-made construct, but what it costs you in terms of conciousness. With everyone alloted an average of only 3,650 weeks on this earth – one should at all times, try to save time over money.

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🇮🇳 India

  1. India's minimum wage per hour is INR 22
    (~ 0.29 USD)
  2. Monthly (22 days) income at 8 hours / day is INR 3872
    (~ 51.63 USD)
  3. Cost of iPhone 12 in India: INR 79900
    (~ 1065.33 USD)
  4. You can earn iPhone 12 in 2 year(s)